I’ve been a mummy now for 8 months. Of course, my baby is the most beautiful baby in the world, but whose isn’t? My baby is a boy; Zachary to be more exact.

When Zach was a month old, we found out he had an allergy to cow’s milk protein (this is different to being lactose intollerant). We have finally got ourselves organised and just about got our heads around what he can and cant eat.

I decided to write this blog to share our experience and help parents in similar situations, a bit of moral support if you like.

It is a place to get and share recipe ideas (all adapted for babies with an allergy to cow’s milk protein), mum time, bargins that I’ve found on the Internet ( let’s face it, babies are expensive) and a general place to vent (because we all need to and it’s good for the health).


Zach’s mum, Fiona


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