Foodie Friday – Apricot and Carrot Purée Recipe

This seemed like an odd combination when I first read about it in a cook book yet, it has come to be one of Zach’s favourites.

What is great about this is that in the winter you can use dried apricots.



3 dried apricots/1 apricot

1 large carrot

Cumin, cinnamon (optional)





  1. Wash and peal your carrot.
  2. Cut into quite thick pieces.
  3. Cut your dried apricots in half.
  4. Place together in your steamer and steam. (around 10 minutes)
  5. If using, add spices.
  6. Blend together (if need be use a bit of water from the steamer – if fruit is organic – if not use freshly boiled water).

As your baby grows up think about adding some pork.


If your baby is finding it hard to digest think about adding some caraway seeds before blending, this helps with digestion. – WARNING! Caraway seeds have a strong distinct flavour.


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