Baby In The City

After a 10 hour train trip crossing France, we’d finally arrived in the city of fashion, fast cars and good food – Milan.


Our shock about the lack of baby/wheelchair friendly access in the city came the next day at an underground station.

– Ok, it’s a little metro station near the end of the line but you’d still expect access-

Arriving at “Duomo” (the city centre) we hurried off the metro and to the lift, only to find a sign stating “out of order“. To our horror this sign was on almost every lift in every station we went to (over the course of the week, obviously)! Don’t even get me started on tram access. Line 14 is the only one accessible!


Zach needed changing, as most babies do. Oh no, not Milanese babies, or at least not when they’re in the city. We found 2 baby change in the city (I used to live here, so it’s not like I didn’t where we could possibly go.) and 1 was locked with a key!

As much as I love Milan, it’s definitely not a city for babies.


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