Non-Ige allergy poem – by Toni Jolin

A poem that says it like it is

mummy tales of an allergy baby

I read this amazing poem written by Toni Jolin, a lovely fellow CMPA mummy about her thoughts and feelings about the reactions her child has, she wanted to share it with other CMPA mummies via facebook and has kindly let me share it. Sometimes, just because it isn’t a giant obvious rash as is expected with ‘allergic reactions’ it gets dismissed. Her poem sums up most of our experiences perfectly, with a little bit of added humour…..sometimes you just have to laugh otherwise you will cry!! Thank you Toni!!!

Non-Ige allergy poem.

Never did I think I’d know so much about poo.
Is it mucousy, bloody, does it look like glue?

What is this stink and why is it so?
The answer no one seems to know.

Countless visits to the doctors day after day
Only to be told ‘it’s a virus, a bug, it will go away.’

He’s arching his…

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