Basketball Is A Dangerous Game

My other half works in a school.

Around 1 o’clock, the door bell goes and in he hobbles, one shoe on asking for the crutches (yes, we have crutches lying around in the cupboard) and off he goes again.

5 hours and 1 cast later he tells me he was playing basketball with the children, fell over and now his foot is broken but, not to worry the cast would be off in 10 days.

My instant thought: 10 days of dirty nappies all for me! I admire single parents.

It was almost as if Zach new I’d be weak and let him get away with things because, this is when he started teething. Not 1 tooth, not even 2 but 3 top teeth all coming through at the same time! Guess who’s been sleeping in our bed?

Sleepless nights and 2 babies: I need a holiday.


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