Great brands for when you don’t have the time

Not all of us have the time nor energy to make everything from scratch which can be a problem with a baby with allergies.

And, what about when they start finger foods?

Not to fear…

I’ve found 3 great brands that allergy baby friendly! YAY!


I really like Ella’s Kitchen. It’s organic. It’s fun. It’s full of flavour (yes I have even eaten some left overs). Zach loves their banana porridge which I mix with his usual milk (no cow’s milk protein). They have lots of fun interactive features on the website, a club (UK address only), plus a possibility to search for special dietary requirements.


Hipp is also organic. Their packaging isn’t as fun as Ella’s Kitchen but then again you’re not feeding your baby packaging. Yes, I have also had a little taste of their products (feeding babies can be messy). Zach loves their poulet à la provencale (which seems to only be available in France). Hipp too have a baby club. I joined the French one and got over €9 of coupons, a spoon and lots of information including a chart of all their products and what they contain. Needless to say, it’s on the fridge, highlighted with Zach friendly food.


I have only found this recently but it’s great for finger foods! Yes, of course, it’s organic. Zach loves their carrot sticks. I joined their club only a few days ago and I’ve already got my first money off coupon. The full list of their products and what they contain is available to download. They equally have an online shop.



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