The Green Eyed Monster

Most mothers with a family with allergies would be jealous of those without, well not this green eyed monster.

No, I wouldn’t change my family however, I would change my location (if only I could convince my partner to move).

Imagine living in the country of baguettes, croissants, patisseries and being the only one in the family able to eat them! I feel guilty.

Gluten allergy has only just hit the French headlines. Most gluten free products here are Swiss or German and the choice is limited: pasta or sliced bread (I must state, I do not live in the capital, where I am sure there is a better choice). You can only imagine my green eyes when I read your reviews of gluten free products. My partner can’t wait for our next trip to Manchester, thanks to:

If that’s my reaction for my partner, you can only imagine my pain for my baby boy and all your dairy free ice cream and cheese. In a country that cooks with butter and that cream is the basis of every sauce, topped of by the obvious choice cheese a dairy free diet is sacrilege!

It seems there are some draw backs to living in the country of fine food after all.


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