Eczema – A Sign Of An Allergy To Cow’s Milk Protein

One of the symptoms (that Zach had) of an allergy to cow’s milk protein is eczema. How do you treat eczema, especially in babies?

After trying numerous products for sensitive skin, for babies, no fragrance etc… We finally came across, what have now become our saviours, the perfect products:

I have always used Neal’s Yard Remedies and their baby soap. A great, long lasting bar, that makes enough bubbles to keep Zach happy: A perfect size for travelling too! I have to admit, I used it too, it’s kind to the skin (I have very sensitive skin), soft and light.

Saviour number 2 has been Avene’s XeraCalm range. We initially used their XeraCalm Cream as an after bath body lotion. It calmed Zach’s eczema down. When his skin is especially dry or if he’s reacted badly to something we use their XeraCalm Balm, an injection of hydration. Zach’s dad uses the XeraCalm Oil in the shower (a smell that takes a few days to get used to: Only in the shower – it doesn’t stay).

Thumbs up all round for these products and a huge thank you from Zach.


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