Review – Nivea Protect and Bronze

My partner’s sister is getting married.

I am the French equivalent of a bridesmaid. (I am quite worried as I have no idea what I’m supposed to do! Guess I will find out on the day.)

As I have previously said I am pale, really pale. However, I am lucky in the sense that I do tan and don’t just turn in to a cherry tomato (unlike my partner). Which is doubly lucky as the theme of the wedding is red and white; my dress is red!

Extra pressure on for the sun tan.

I saw this new sun cream online at (delivery worldwide and you can have an international advantage card – great news!): Nivea Protect and Bronze.


We needed sun cream for our week at the beach in Vendee, so I figured, why not. I’m either going to burn (so I’d still be in the theme of red and white), stay white (still in the theme) or bronze as the bottle says (and hopefully look nice in a red dress).

1 week trial at the beachExcellent results! Only my legs have gone a little red, although that is probably due to the fact it’s their first time in the sun for 2 years and I did forget to top up my sun cream protection one afternoon. This is where the Nivea Aftersun Protect and Bronze came in handy! Legs are now turning a subtle shade of brown.

Just in time! 



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