Review – Eurocamp Les Ecureuils Vendee France

This was our first holiday just the three of us, going somewhere we had not been before.

We had never been camping before, well we had, individually with friends, never together with a baby! Big worry right there. I was panicking over Zach’s allergy and whether there’d be a shop nearby for allergy friendly foods, whether there would be cutlery and pots and pans and plates… A real holiday killer from the off.

We arrived, a little early for our accommodation, so we decided to head out. There was a supermarket, not big but big enough less than a mile away, with vanilla soy milk for Zach’s morning muesli (Phew). When we got back, we were taken to our accommodation – fully equipped (warning: no tea towels) (Phew). Zach had his own room with a baby cot, a baby bath, a high chair and door and patio guards so he couldn’t get out (Phew). The onsite takeaway pizza was good (however, allergies aren’t catered for). The staff were friendly, always saying hello, smiling even on the one rainy day we had. The campsite itself had a few different swimming pools which were great and never felt overcrowded. The beach was across the road at 300m. There were kids clubs and activities which seemed to be a hit. The best thing (now I am feeling old), there was little to no noise at night. The bar closed around 11pm or midnight, I can’t quite remember. It was very family orientated.

We are looking at going back next year!

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