Alternatives To Milk

When I started cooking for Zach, I used his baby milk formula as a substitute for milk. Now that he’s nearly 1, I’ve been trying to find alternatives.

Rice Milk: Desserts/Breakfast Treats

Zach loves this and it’s not surprising; it’s sweet. I have been using this milk for his breakfast (it gives a nice sweetness to his porridge) and his desserts (such as his egg custard). I try not to use it too often, mainly because I don’t want him getting a sweet tooth, which rice milk could easily give you.

Oat Milk: Savoury Sauces

I love this for cooking a nice hearty bechemel sauce, it reminds me of winter. A nutty taste without the nuts. I tend to use this for savory cooking, sauces, yorkshire pudding etc… Strangely for milk, it gives you the impression of being full. A thumbs up from me.

Soya Milk: Desserts/Cold Options

Since making my mum a cup of coffee with soya milk and it curdling, I have been wary about heating this milk. However, I have used vanilla flavoured soya milk to make an egg custard (Zach wolfed down two in one sitting – so it must have been ok). I tend to buy the vanilla cream desserts for Zach as a treat with a nectarine/peach/banana. I use the plain soya milk, again for breakfast.

As we haven’t introduced nuts into Zach’s diet, I haven’t yet tried almond milk, my mum however tells me it’s very sweet. – Let me know your thoughts on this alternative.

Keep an eye out for Foodie Friday recipes using these milk alternatives! 


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