1 Month To Go – Help Needed

In 1 month Zach will be 1!

Obviously, we are celebrating. The English side of the family are even coming over, making it extra special. I’ve been in France for nearly 8 years now and never have I had all my family here!

I’ve never thrown a birthday party before and while I’m thinking that it’s ok, he’s only 1, I’m also panicking that the children coming are aged between 10 months and 7 and speak either English or French! What do I do? Games? Nothing? Hope that the children don’t notice the language barrier? Don’t get me started on the party bags.

All of that’s without even considering Zach’s dietary requirements: A birthday cake…

I’ve heard that a lot of the UK supermarkets now do dairy free birthday cakes. However, with the family only bringing hand luggage I feel a birthday cake won’t pass, so homemade it will be (recipe to come – if it turns out ok).

Any ideas; food; games; prizes? Help needed


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